L E G O     C I N E M A

LEGO has enjoyed a long and successful campaign with their cinema commercials. Chuck, the venue’s host, finds himself interrupted by an array of LOGO characters, featuring Ben 10 to Atlantis to the franchise characters from Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Harry Potter and Toy Story. As always our hero Chuck is there to put them right!


Shown in cinemas nationwide, the spots were placed through Pearl and Dean and DCM to run in conjunction with their matching movies including Prince of Persia, Toy Story 3 and Harry Potter. 


Animation on action sequences of commercial by Ghost.  

The LEGO Group.

Lucas Film Ltd & TM. All Rights Reserved.

The Walt Disney Company. All Rights Reserved.

L E G O    O L Y M P I C S    [ 2 0 1 2 ]

A B O U T    L E G O   O L Y M P I C S

The London 2012  Olympic Games was a once in a lifetime event for Londoners. For the occasion LEGO secured a Team GB licence to create a relevant and interesting link between the LEGO brand and the London Olympics. The campaign was aimed at harnessing the energy and mass publicity around the excitement and inspiration of this much celebrated experience.

To drive widespread awareness of the LEGO brand a set of 9 Team GB mini figures were produced as an exclusive promotion. Team GB was the most locally and currently relevant licence LEGO UK has ever had.  

To stand out as the best children’s brand through this unique association the outdoor campaign of posters and digital billboards covered 35 key London sites during the games, with 4 in the Olympic Village vicinity, for four weeks. With image sizes up to 12 metres in length LEGO now view the overall campaign as a strong benchmark for the brand in terms of simplicity and clarity of message.

Designed and created in conjunction with Dazzleship, the LOGO Group’s outdoor campaign featuring the Team GB mini figures and the Olympic rings was voted one of the top 5 launched to mark the London games, and also found a place in the ‘Campaign Outdoor Hall of Fame’. 

L E G O     T E C H N I C

The LEGO Technic range of advanced models are designed for older children with more complex building skills. This commercial to promote the helicopter, quad bike and fighter plane shows a boy selecting his choice from a futuristic head-up display. A CGI animated sequence was created to show the helicopter in action rescuing a ship in trouble at sea. The boy is then able to select a real Technics helicopter to play with.

A U G M E N T E D     R E A L I T Y